We know some of you have experienced these lovely rainy days in Barcelona and we would like to introduce you some plans rather than just going for a hot coffee or a cinema afternoon. This wonderful city has something that makes all of us fall in love with: we are talking about the astonishing amount of activities to do. Even if you have been living here for more than a decade you probably will discover some square or corner with something cool  going on. Hence, we will focus on sport activities, beyond basketball or football.

If you are tired of lying or sitting around all day long watching a hundred Instagram stories about “wow, is raining in Barcelona” we have the perfect energizing activity for you.Grab your coolest trainees because you can go to  “Salting”! Thing is: have you ever thought how cool was to jump on the bed of your parents? It seems that someone thought about it and decided that it would be way cooler if we place a lot of trampolines one next to another recovered by fluffy materials (we don’t like broken bounds) in an indoor place allowing us to keep jumping there for an entire hour! Have you ever jumped for that long without stopping? Probably not but now you can!


Salting (Jumping)

If jumping all around does not convince you, you definitely love winter and still prefer to remain attached to the ground, no worries, Barcelona has always something for you. Your option is the Skating club Barcelona, basically the name itself says it all, and you are in the Mediterranean so obviously the ice is fake but it’s great nonetheless! You can also rent there the  skates and gloves, so show us some of your best moves because we know you watched frozen, you loved it and you are begging to sing Let it go while skating your soul out.


Ice Skating

So the rain has stopped and the sun begins to shine again, it’s Sunday still and after that Forrest Gump movie you’ve seen recently, you really are in a desperate need to run a distance far beyond imaginable. However you’ve  seen the beach, the harbour and the same buildings since you came here and you want to change your views. No worries, you can handle that in the “Carretera de les Aigües”: it is a local biking and running route that everyone can follow it. Basically you change the perspective from the sea to the mountain, beginning at the end of the “Diagonal” street and finishing, if you are able to, on top of the “Collserola” mountain. So if you consider yourself a true sportish person, grab your friends and get ready for a real challenge.


Jogging/Cycling in Carretera de les Aigües

Eventually, if the sun is shining but you prefer four wheels and hanging around with people  wearing caps and tank-top shirts way bigger than their actual size you also have your place in one of the most crowded squares for skateboarding in Barcelona: Plaça dels Àngels, located in front of MACBA (Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona). Don’t worry if you don’t like at all skateboarding because there are always people around and it’s a great place just to relax and enjoy the nice and warm weather.


Skateboarding in Plaça dels Àngels

If you finally prefer to experiment the emotion of beeing caught and getting lost in a fanciful place, you should definately try Escape Room. This activity is increasingly becoming more popular in the city, so you can find a wide range of different rooms and game varieties. With your ESNcard you can enjoy a 25 euros discount on each group game at G Point, with 16 different rooms.


G Point Escape Room

We hope that this may help you to enjoy even more Barcelona and to get you deeper in the local activities and culture. Don’t miss neither our next events, we hope to see you all around!

ESN Barcelona UPF team

Photo 1: Salting Barcelona

Photo 2: Skating Club Barcelona

Photo 3: deandar bicicletadas

Photo 4: CoLab Radio

Photo 5: G Point Center