Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that offers a huge range of leisure activities. In this blog, you’ve already had the possibility to read about sports, traditional activities and cooking recipes; today, we’re focusing on cinemas!

Maybe you’ve been here for months or maybe you’ve just landed in town a few weeks ago, but in case your Spanish knowledge is far from satisfactory, we have great news for you: you can still go to the cinema in Barcelona and be able to understand the movies!  We will introduce you different cinemas where films are played in original version.


First of all, we will explain you quickly some of the acronyms you need to know to understand the billboards:

  • VO: Original Version

  • VOSE: Original Version with Spanish Subtitles

  • VOSC: Original Version with Catalan Subtitles

​As you will see, there are so many cinemas in Barcelona, however each one has its own special characteristics.

- Cinemes Verdi:

You will find this 5 room cinema in the beautiful neighbourhood of Gràcia. Most of the films are in VOSE, but not all the films played have been just released to the public; usually there are not-so-new films on the billboard that will lead you into a time throwback. Also, every Tuesday they organize what is called “Dimarts cultural” (cultural Tuesday) and they play some artistic films. Normal tickets are 8€, but if you go on a Monday you will have to pay only 4,90€! One street further, you’ll find Verdi Park, with four more rooms.


- Yelmo cines:

Located in Av. Icària and in Passeig de Gràcia-Gran Via,  this company always displays their movies in original version, so don’t expect any dubbed movie in Spanish. It is where you’ll find the most commercial films as well, although you will always be able to find a document with the main features of the movie and a short interview with the director or the main actor. Apart from that, it’s close to Ciutadella Campus, so if you have some spare time between classes, don’t hesitate to go and watch a movie!

- Filmoteca de Catalunya:

The Filmoteca (film library) is a space owned by the city council where a wide range of movies are displayed, as well as film seasons and expositions take place. Located in the neighborhood of Raval, you will be able to watch both old and new films in one of its two screening rooms. The best thing about it? Film tickets only costs 3€ for students and it is the main filmic investigation referent in Catalunya! By now, their website is only available in Catalan, but you can ask any of the coordinators for any help.


- Texas cinema ("Houston, we have a problem"):

Every day, anytime, tickets for 3€. Amazing, isn’t it? This cinema has been awarded by Europe cinemas as “the best in the whole country”! Films are showed in VOSC.

- Renoir Floridablanca:

Very close to Plaça Universitat you can find one of the “Renoir cinemas”, named after the French filmmaker Jean Renoir. As the Verdi cinemas, it belongs to the European MEDIA Programme, and so you’ll be able to find smaller independent movies, both national and international.

- Phenomena:

This cinema will make you an offer you can’t refuse: a pizza and a beer with your ticket (9€) once in a month! They combine new releases with old classics and blockbusters. And you don’t want to miss the chance to attend one of the later - you’ll find yourself screaming and applauding to the best lines in the movie. Check their calendar because it’s gonna be a surprising experience! 

- Cinema Maldà:

Located near La Rambla, they offer a cheap ticket for a whole day to see as many films as you want (from 4’50€ to 9€ depending on the day). Most of the films are in VOSE.


In summer, it’s an amazing plan to attend an Open Air Cinema (Cinema a la Fresca). The most famous one is in Montjuïc, you can even bring your own chairs and food! The programme is a combination of recent movies and old classics. Also, the venue is incredibly interesting: the Montjuïc Castle (even it’s possible to do a guided tour around the building before the beginning of the movie). 


As you’ve been here now for more than a month, you’ll have already found out that going to the cinema is not the cheapest activity at your fingertips. However, did you know that every Wednesday is considered El día del espectador (“The Viewer’s Day”)?. This means that the tickets are cheaper (4,90€) in most of the cinemas and you also get many discounts on popcorn and drinks. Otherwise, you can become member of a cinema company and they’ll provide you with other discounts.


Speaking of discounts, Cinesa, one of the biggest movie theater companies in Spain, also organize special offers: first, they have La gran quedada (“The great meet up”) which basically reduces the price for groups between 4 and 8 people. You only have to download a coupon and you get a ticket for 6€.

Moreover, twice a year (usually in autumn and spring) it is organized in the whole country La fiesta del cine (like “The cinema party”), in which during three days in a row you can get tickets for 2,90€!


Now, all you need is to choose the most suitable cinema & film and spend a fantastic evening!  

May the Force be with you.



ESN Barcelona UPF Team


Photo 1 - Cinemes Verdi

Photo 2 -

Photo 3 - La Vanguardia

Photo 4 - Fiesta del Cine