If Catalonia and Spain are universally recognized for something besides football, it is because of the food! Probably thanks to the Mediterranean sea, our gastronomy has become one of the most precious elements of our culture and many people who come here already know many of our national dishes. Today, we’re going to present some of them, just to make sure you don’t miss them during your stay in Barcelona.

The most famous recipe in the whole country is paella (there’s even an emoji!). This dish is basically made of rice and many ingredients that give flavor to it. The most typical one in Barcelona is the seafood paella, with prawns, clams, mussels and cuttlefish. However, in Valencia the recipe changes, because the Valencian way of cooking it includes many vegetables and meat, instead of seafood. 




Another dish that is very traditional in Catalonia (and maybe you’ve already fallen in love with) is pa amb tomàquet. It is as simple as bread with spread tomato and olive oil on it. We usually put some lunch meat on it, for example fuet or jamón serrano. The legend says ‘pa amb tomàquet’ was invented in the rural areas of Catalonia, because farmers could moist dry bread with tomato and they didn’t have to toss it.




Let’s move on now to sweeter things: desserts! Spanish confectionery is also very famous around the world, especially our traditional churros. We love eating them with hot chocolate when it’s cold outside in winter. Apart from this, we also have our own ‘crème brûlée’, which is called crema catalana, basically custard with burned sugar on top.

And what about the drinks? One of the most famous drinks in Spanish gastronomy is gazpacho. This beverage is made of raw blended vegetables, mainly tomato, pepper, cucumber and onion. It’s very traditional in the south of Spain (Sevilla and all the region of Andalucía) and in summer it’s very refreshing! We also have cava, which is a sort of champagne but made of different types of grapes. It’s used mainly for celebrations and important events. We’re positive you already know about sangria, this refreshing drink made of wine, so there’s no need we talk about it in depth.




Now that you know all these recipes, it’s time for you to start tasting all what the Catalan and Spanish gastronomies can offer you! Don’t miss the chance to go to any market in Barcelona and grab some ingredients to cook these dishes at home. Enjoy!