ESN Barcelona UPF is your FIRST stop for networking, activities and advice during your stay in Barcelona! The association was born off the initiative of a group of Pompeu Fabra University students, with the aim of helping students from abroad coming to our university through the various mobility programs (Erasmus, Séneca, Master, etc.). 

ESN Barcelona UPF is part of Erasmus Students Network and actively participates in the ESN network at local, national and international level. However, most of our efforts rely on the local level along with the sections of Erasmus Student Network Barcelona: UB (Universitat de Barcelona), UAB (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona), and UPC (Universitat Politécnica de Barcelona).

We organize recreational and cultural events: cultural visits, trips, parties, dinners, sports competitions, mentoring, etc. Our goal is to integrate incoming students and encourage them to contact with local students.

All our events and activities are identified with our corporate logo and published in our website, Facebook group and other social networks sites. We also want to promote the activities done within UPF which could be of interest for exchange students.

In order to keep up to date and do not lose any detail we strongly recommend exchange students to acquire the ESNcard which, among other benefits, allows incoming students to receive information about the various events that take place in Barcelona as well as enjoy large discounts.

If you want to find a place to stay, or advertise a room, here is our facebook group that deals with all of that!

- Social activities (welcome and closing parties, karaoke, tandem nights, cooking and salsa lessons, ...).
- Day Trips (cultural visits and excursions around Catalonia).
- Weekend Trips (Madrid, Ibiza, Basque Country).

- Buddy Program (matching international with catalan students).
- Creating events for you to meet exchange students and Catalans
- Answering any of your questions.
- Introduce Catalan culture to exchange students.

In order to be able to attend these events, you must have an ESNcard. It can be acquired with your Welcome Pack or for 15€ during office hours in Ciutadella Campus.