Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is one of the largest interdisciplinary associations in Europe, founded in 1989 for the support and development of student exchange. Its head office is in Brussels, where the Board of Directors resides. The Board is elected once a year by the association and is composed of five positions, the three basic ones: Presidency, Vice-presidency and Treasury, which are complemented by a person in charge of communication (Communication Manager), and another one in charge of the aspects related to the IT systems of the association (Web Project Administrator).  

The Board of Directors represents ESN in the institutions with which we collaborate. It also ensures the cohesion of the network, the rights of the international student body and coordinates the international projects that ESN carries out.  

The Erasmus Student Network is present in 520 institutions in 42 countries and is constantly developing and expanding.  

ESN works and cooperates with Universities at a local, national and international level:  

  • Offering services to 300.000 students.
  • Based mainly on voluntary work.
  • With an annual growing average of 12.3% since 1990.  

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